Friday, December 05, 2003

OK, OK... I'm a slacker, I know! I'm sorry! So here, I'm going to write some more stuff. Well let's see.. I've started a band with a couple of my friends, I'll post a link to the song later sometime. Well the one that we recorded & have in digital format. Thanksgiving was pretty awesome.. yummy foods & stuff. Latley, my car, philo, has been giving me trouble... I think something bizzare in a relay or something is off... I don't know, but it's messed up.

I've started writing songs too. It's really interesting to learn... fun too!

hmmm OH yeah... and just recently I've been starting to talk to an old friend quite a bit more... it's always good to talk to old friends.

I just wonder... why don't people make choices? Is it that hard to be so responsible?

All those people who say like "Oh, our relationship didn't work". Of course, they're misguided anyways. Relationships don't do work, they take work. You can't expect for a relationship to last more than a week without effort on both parties ends.

"I was too busy to blah blah blah". "I can't do that!" wrooong... You do the things you want to. When was the last time you stuck your hand in a blender and turned it on?

with that , I bid you goodnight... or something. I'm gonna finish my water, do some other stuff, talk to some folks & go to bed


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