Sunday, July 18, 2004

Ok... the quarter thing... The conversation went something like this...

Wayne sticks a quarter to his forehead
Logan: That's not a quarter, it's a nickel!
Wayne looks at Logan like she's crazy
Wayne: Uhh... it's a quarter
Wayne pulls out a nickel and a dime and sticks them both to his forehead as well, then motions to each
Wayne: Dime, Quarter, Nickel
Logan(or was it Tim?): Don't you mean Nickel, Quarter, Dime?
Wayne again looks at the other like they're crazy, because the tiny one they thought was a nickel...

lol, maybe you had to be there

Actually, Hold On is a decent song... but Chance likes it... so he plays it too much, lol. I'm listening to it right now, just for kicks & giggles... I tried to work on a song for you, Jessie... but I didn't come up with anything great... :-P

If you want me to put one of your poems to music, I could probably do that ^_^ I'm pretty good at doing that... heh.

I can think of some psychological reasons you wouldn't be able to hang up on me... I'm thinking of giving you a buzz, but you're probably at work so your phone should be off... And I don't know if you can get messages yet :-P lol.

If you're thinking of seeing someone... you could see my dad ^_^ He's where I get any type of good psychobabble from, lol.

I like to cuddle too... I really don't care who it's with either. I have no problem with a girl I know even fairly well just putting an arm around me. *shrugs* I don't know, whatever that might mean, lol. But I enjoy just being close to people (by people I mean girls).


Lying here in my bed
thoughts are runnin in my head

I'm just sitting on the edge
reaching out to touch
something out of reach
I don't know what it is
but I think it's something good

My world is spinning round.
on this shifting shakey ground.
My mind is so confused
at this static that I choose

I know you've heard it all
You don't want any more
But this stuff is in my mind
Emotions crashing down

I'm not careful so I fall
It happens again,
again and again
and I don't know when it ends

it feels so good

It's like I'm outside looking in
I see this shell
I don't know when
I'll escape from this hell

-Wayne J. Werner -10:05 PM CST July 18, 2004


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