Thursday, August 12, 2004

Today... was a day.

I woke up. Played some Counter-Strike. Ate. That sort of thing.

Then I worked.

And that was ok.

Then it (I thought was looking up) began to go downhill.

I went to church to play Volleyball with the YSA, and that began as pretty fun, since a "Certain someone" (any who knows, knows what I"m talking about) showed up with her sister, and her brother & his girlfriend. Then we started playing volleyball, and I'm on a team with only 1 other good person. So 2 out of 5 are decent at volleyball. So here I am covering pretty much the whole half of the court, yelling "got it" and everything, but no one moves out of my way when I call for it... and subsequently they either knock it lousy or I have to jump over them to hit it. And both teams were complaining about it for like 2 games in a row (which my team won), but no one on my team called it, and when they did, I let them have it. So finally I got sick of their complaining and showed them what happened if I didn't move. And I didn't move. At all. And the other team got quite a few points. And it was pretty lame. As the game progressed, my thirst caught up with me and I went to get a drink and no one on my team noticed I wasn't there. So they didn't bother covering my spot. So then they were like whine, whine. We won that round though, and then the next round I was thirsty again, so I went to get another drink, but this time I called out around 4 times that I was going. No one noticed. Until I was gone. Then they stopped and waited for me. I was sitting on a couch and thought about going back in but I heard that "certain somoene" make a coment about me being PMSy, which is dumb, 1 because I'm a guy, and 2 it was dumb. She made the comment to a girl on my team in a whispered conference, but I know what/who she was talking about.

Yeah, so I didn't like that so I ran outside to sprint around the church and let out some steam. And then I noticed a faucet had been turned on and was leaking everywhere, so I had to go back inside and get my Gerber and come back to turn it off. And then /she/ came out to talk to me. But I didn't let her know I had heard her comment. And then we went back in but I think they were done.

So then we were going to go to On the Border... but they missed me leaving to go there, and I waited for a while, no one came, so I went back to the church, no one was there, I made it back, and their cars were there. Grr.

So I was upset. But they fed me. And I wasn't really mad. But I still have some unresolved issues. *sigh*

dummer kopf! - Wayne


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