Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Have you ever lost a little (or big) part of you?

You had something... and you were secure because it would always be there. And then one day...

it's gone.

Not a... gone so far you can never find it again, but a gone somewhere, you know where it is, the only problem is, it's too far to go get. And not just that, but to get it back, you would have to convince someone to give it back to you?

You took it for granted just a little bit. I mean, you worked for it, and tried to keep it... but you forgot what it's like without it. And now, you don't have it again. And really, no matter what you do, you can't get it back. Because there was a person in your life... and that person took this part of you.

And they left.

And they really don't seem like they have much of an interest in returning.

I suppose that's the problem with reading these things is when people are either as muddy or as clear as I am, they tend to confuse people or upset them. Or get them confused about why they're upset, or upset about why they're confused. Or any other number of combinations.

I guess basically what I'm saying is that it's pretty much your own fault. But I still like people to read.








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