Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, today I've got two things.

First - I had a freaky nightmare where MY TEETH FELL OUT! That was not cool. Not cool at all. It really sucked, actually. Started with my left topside molar. plonk, it just fell out. Well I tried to hold it in. And then the rest of them started falling out. But I couldn't go to the dentist because I don't have any money.

Pretty freakin screwed. Also, I think I drooled Lake Erie onto my pillow.


But this is the much cooler bit.

I wrote a song. Sort of. The lyrics only, right now. But I'll get to it... I hope.

Here goes...

Minor Key Love Song

What did I do, what went so wrong
that now I sing this minor key love song?

what it my words or was it my deeds,
or did I not fill a particular need?

Was I ugly or mean
or was I to keen
to point out the faults
that you had?

I did something bad,
I did something wrong,
and now as a dirge I sing
this minor key love song.

by your side
I could have changed the world,
by your side
I could have changed our world,
by your side
I wanted to stay, and make you happy

as you made me.

But it went all wrong,
and now I sing
this minor key love song.

-(c)Wayne Werner, January 24, 2007
written Jan 19, 2007.

So there you are. If I ever re-learn how to play like I want it, I'll record that & put it up somewhere.

feel free to let me know what you thought of it...


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