Friday, June 20, 2008

Chicken In the Car...

...And the car Can't GO

Turns out that Little Rock, weeny airport that it is, is better than Chicago O'Hare. Beyond imagination. Why is that, you ask? Simple: Chicago has no free wifi, and that makes Chicago lame. Actually, any place with no free or at least "complimentary" wifi really sucks.

Visiting a friend who doesn't offer his wifi? Sucks.

Going to a restaurant that requires a purchase for wifi? Doesn't suck.

Going to an airport, when you've paid $400 for a ticket, and not getting free wifi? That's just lame.

Anyhow, so I'm sitting here in Chicago O'Hare, with no internet access because it's not worth $7/hour for wifi. Well, it's more like $42, now, because I'll probably finish up at 9, and it's almost 8:40 AM.

Blarg, and I really feel like a poo. So I might finish up before then.

You know... conspiracy theories sure are fun.

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