Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting started in Common Lisp on Ubuntu. - This article will explain the necessary steps to install a common lisp on your Ubuntu machine. By the end of this article you should be able to write some simple Common Lisp programs. It uses [url=]GNU CLISP[/url] and is mainly geared toward Ubuntu, though should work on Debian.

Getting started in Common Lisp on Ubuntu.

I'm going to be doing a project on LISP (I think) - I've heard it's a good language to learn and incredibly powerful. So yay, team!

Also, today I parted ways with my now-ex-teammate in my Principles of Programming class. I wrote 460 lines of Python code to create a tokenizer and an analyzer, and packaged it all together on my own. Part of the discord among the two of us was based on my lack of desire to teach him about the project. Part of it was based on his apparent lack of desire to educate himself.

I don't particularly enjoy having to do all the work on my own, but I enjoy even less trying to help people who don't put forth much more than a modicum of effort. So this next project I'm either flying solo or may get another partner. This next time I'm asking for applicants :p


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