Monday, September 08, 2003

K, let's see... what all went on today? Worked on the website... went to a sales meeting (goin to one tomorrow too), pretty sure I've got two demos for tomorrow (w00t!). I went to go see an Army recruiter... I'm going to take the HASVAB(I think that's right?) thurday (9/11). I also got the Americas Army game. But I gotta d/l the newest update anyways, lol. it's up to 1.9.0 right now. I like teh gamesars. It has 1hr55min left to d/l. You can check it out for yourself at it's a free, full version multiplayer online game. It's pretty nice. Plunked around on my guitar some too. Hm... I think that's pretty much it... oh wait! I saw the movie Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey, that movie was *hilarious*!!! It was a great movie & I reccomend it!


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