Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Brrr! it's flippin cold! it's... -4 C outside right now... well last time I saw anyways. I had to put a new battery in (mine sorta... made like the Nazgul in ROTK and died. Yuk yuk yuk). It was freezing cold. First Wal*Mart sold a sucky battery, so we had to go /all/ the way back to west little rock. Then we had to go to Levy (North Little Rock) to Auto Zone for a battery, then I had to go with my dad to Wal*Mart again for a terminal stud replacement. grrr... I've been in cars way too much! Anyways, so my car is running. I started work yesterday at Hobby Lobby. If you're ever at the corner of Markham and Bowman in Little Rock, Arkansas, swing by the frame department and say hi. Or really, whatever you feel like saying, I suppose. But you might want to make sure it's Wayne you're talking to. I work tomorrow 12-9, hoodedoo.
I need to tell my boss folks that I'm not going to be available during some certain dates... of course I need to find out which boss folks I need to talk to about that... oy. Oh well.

Those dates, if you didn't know, are the dates of play practices & preformances. I'm Naphtali in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. It's gonna be pretty fun. I wish I had money. lol. Anyways... I think I'm gonna hit the sack... so I'll catch ya on the flip side


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