Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Well, appearantly I'm arrogant. At least that's what some people tell me. Arrogant, big ego, whatever. But I don't have an ego... other people matter more to me than myself so much so that some people think I have a big ego because I'm past the point of caring so far that I don't worry about being wrong because I know when I'm right. People with big egos care about themselves. I don't, much. I just want to find someone who will care about me. Hm... that's very interesting too. I know the people who care about me most, and I only have like... 3 or 4 people on that list, none of which is me. I just want someone who will care about me as much as I care about them. Which is a lot. Dang it so THAT's what I want. WIsh I had known that a few long whiles earlier. Oh well. Anyways. I'll be cool... I guess. Anyways, later -W


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