Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yay! people have blogged and that's happy!

Yesterday was pretty cool... apart from psychos at work (not you Jessie).

Jessie & Nikki came to see me at work, and that was lots of fun, lol. They saw me in my... natural habitat. lol. It's too bad they couldn't do something else, like after work. Oh well, after work I drove straight home, then to Jake's after snagging my gear. We played guitar for about an hour, ate, then drove up to Conway for the Soophie Nun Squad show. It turns out I knew two of the people in the band previous, Eli (bass), and Marilee (vocals/keyboard). That was totally awesome. We had to leave before the last song because Jake had to be home, sadly. Oh well, They had some way awesome songs. Like story time, haha. It was cool, they had a puppet show.

Soophie rocks.

Well, we left conway about 1:30 AM and got to Jake's house, then I went home and fell asleep.

Today I woke up. Lol.

It's 9:36 and I've already got a filling done. yay.

I think I'm hungry and perhaps there is food. Yum. so I'll be back at my computer later. I will probably bring my guitar with me. Yay.



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