Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Right now I'm listening to my girlfriend & her friend play some music... it's a really good song. Her friend wrote it.

Today was good... finished cleaning my room. I'm good to go. Now I need to fix my car tomorrow... get everything all hooked up & whatnot.

I wrote her a poem... no title for it yet... but here it is


A heart was broken
sad and lone,
love betrayed,
the scars were great.


Tired, giving up.

But wait!

A hope,
flickering glimmer of light.

A heart was broken,
you patched it up.
A heart was lone,
there you came.

No more betrayal,
you are loyal.
No more sadness,
you brought me joy.

My heart is healing,
I'm full of love for you.

You've healed my heart,
it now belongs to you;
and for all eternity.

I love you.



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