Friday, June 27, 2008

Wine, Wonderful Wine...

So, there's a program called Wine (WINdows Emulator, IIRC). I'm working on getting it to work with my scriptures again, and OpenCanvas, with all the spiffin pressure sensitivity and... not inverting the Y-axis.

Currently, with oC, it goes severely wonky. It has pressure sensitivity fine, but it inverts the Y-axis of my tablet. So when I move down, it moves up. When I move left it moves left. When I move up it moves down. Needless to say, art would get a little confusing!

So I'm working on some fixes to that at the moment.

In addition, there's a seriously wonky problem in the LDS Scriptures CD-ROM, where the search function... works backwards? Basically it used to work fine. Then when you clicked in the search box it crashed. Then that was fixed, and now it does something creepy. Say you wanted to search for "israel". So in the box you type "israel". What is now in the box, however is " learsi". Spaces and backwards! Weirded out!! So that's next on the list of fix attempts. w00t.

s'all for now, enjoy your wine ^_^

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