Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sungard == Fail

It's now been over two minutes since I first clicked "edit" in the CMS. "Loading" it tells me. That is bull! I can download and watch a movie in the time that it's "loading". We spent IIRC, around a quarter million on this whole website redesign+CMS, and it's a complete failure at being anything remotely near awesome. It sucks and requires you to flip flop between Firefox and IE. And somehow they think it's worth an insane amount of money. For the price I could have made something 10x as good and infinitely faster, probably in the same amount of time. And most of that would be doing what I'm pretty much already doing in school - learning how to write the darn thing. Still, it loads. Forever will it go.

When it comes to spending money on sane things, University of Central Arkansas fails.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations for speaking out! Criticism of Sungard's terrible web-based products is widespread in informal conversations among administrators and IT workers in higher education. Yet, if you search the web for a balanced review of their offerings, you'll find nothing but press releases announcing that yet another school has invested big bucks in their poorly designed software. If only their software were as slick as their PowerPoint presentations!

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