Thursday, September 11, 2003

wow... I fell asleep yesterday at 5 PMish. felt good to have a real full nights sleep. Had some bizzare dreams too.

Today is 9/11 - where were you?

I pulled up to work and as I'm pullin in, my boss & his son in law were walkin out the door with a funky expression, so I followed 'em and we went to the suite next door where they had a TV - some freak stuff. I remember the first thing that went throught my mind "What the heck? This sounds just like a Tom Clancy novel."

And I'm not taking the HASVAB yet, cos I was gonna do it with my friend, but he can't take it cos he has a BS "Terroristic Threatening" case open.

I made a sale tuesday night, w00t!

I'm gonna go teach my brother some webstuff - laters!


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