Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Today at work we got the truck in... bleh. Lol. So I stayed the whole time in back, unpacking all sorts of icky stuff. It was less than fun :-P

Actually it really wasn't too bad, and the company was enjoyable. There was Robyn, and Nena and Jackie. Robyn is cool and fun, Nena is cool and pretty fun, and Jackie is old and /hilarious/. She's so funny. She cracks me up... she trash talks and stuff and is really funny.

Then I actually made it for the last 30 minutes of rehearsal. Tomorrow we rehearse some more, fun fun. Actually, it really is, even though my wife is wackin old, lol.

Right now I'm... ahah, logan signed off so I can call her, woohoo. Now she's telling me about her dream, so I'm going to bed now...Catch ya on the flip side


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