Friday, January 26, 2007

So I've been thinking... dangerous, I know.

But it just seems to me that... well, relationships are all screwed up. Well, Duh Wayne, you say. But I mean more than you would think. Like you hear in times of old (read before 1990) people would meet, fall in love, get married, and have kids. Now it's kinda... roundabout. People meet, try to not have kids, get married, and then if it's convenient they fall in love.

But I read books and watch movies (oh sure, they're fiction, but still) and the guy gets the girl. And even when he doesn't, he gets the right girl.

But you really don't see that any more. At least I don't. I haven't. Or maybe I'm just the villain in this piece. Or maybe this is just the "middle" of the movie, where I've lost the one(s) I care about, and all sorts of hilarity will ensue, and finally I will win the girl of my dreams.

I don't know if I believe that though. But I don't even have any FRIENDS, at least as one would be defined in a show or a book. I have no one going around in my party to fight orcs or trolls. I have no one to go look for buried treasure with. I have no one to sneak out of detention with.

It's pretty much me... anyone who would call themselves my friend all live over 500 miles away. *sigh*

I guess that's life.



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