Friday, January 12, 2007

So my first teacher - College Writing, gave us an assignment, no longer than a page, on three GOOD reasons why we should not become a better writer. So here goes (as best I can... before my next class.)

There are many reasons why one should become a better writer. However, I will be writing about my reasons that I should not become a better writer. First, it's a lot of effort to become a better writer. I would have to enroll in college, somehow pay for college, and then take a writing class. In this writing class I could expect that my professor would want me to pay attention, participate, and complete assignments. All of these things would take time away from other activities I could be doing.

Second, if I'm a better writer then I may have the desire to actually do something with my writing, such as getting a job or influencing opinions. The danger of my opinions being of influence is, as we see in American Politics, that it's quite easy for someone with bad ideas to get a large base of followers.

Third, and last of all, becoming a better writer would require me to become better educated, more intelligent, and to form my own ideas and opinions after careful and rational thought. Instead, I could be like the masses which flock to cyberspace, with no use of grammar, spelling, or punctuation. I could be an object at rest, staying at rest.

Well, we'll see how that goes... more on classes & teachers later! - W


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