Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I worry about days like today.

They're an example of the gross commercialism of our society as a whole.

We have the companies who tell our women that we don't love them if we don't buy them completely useless, overpriced junk. I won't go into the religious aspect of this day...

My personal feeling is that this is not a useless "holiday" but it's actually a dangerous one. I think the common conception is that, as males, we don't have to be romantic except for three times a year. 1) Anniversary, 2) Her birthday, 3) Valentines Day.

My personal belief is that is a huge pile of dung. I would rather be romantic on every day of the year except for today. I have no problems with the anniversary/b-day thing, just the commercial aspects of those, too.

I'm more of the philosophy that we should be romantic, just because we can. Not because a certain card company has told us we have to, or else. But because we love the person we're being romantic with. That's the whole idea. Romance is part of love (don't confuse love with romance, it's not the same thing at all), and it's simply another way to show "I love you, I want you, I need you". An expression of continued physical attraction and desire for that person.

That's also why I don't believe in being very romantic before I'm married... you can get it too much trouble that way.

Anyways, have a wonderful day,
Your Valentine.


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