Saturday, August 11, 2007


Holy cow! Oh so good!

If you haven't read it yet I won't spoil it for you, but I just have to say...



Go out an read them all. Now. 15 hours, you can do 'em all in one day :P

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Anonymous Jessie said...

Grrr. I am envious. I still haven't been able to find it so I can buy it. And with everything happening with my grandma I haven't really been looking lately. Maybe it's there now. IDK.
:: Sigh:: I am going back to the hospital today...hopefully. I will either close the office early and ride with my cousin or I will have to drive myself, which isn't a good thing. Yesterday I drove, and I was having panic attacks. Hyperventilating (SP?). I do that when I get really bad nervous and when I am driving in places I don't know and there's a lot of traffic. Anyway, didn't mean to leave such a long comment. Can't wait for the book. You suck.

6:33 AM  

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