Thursday, August 09, 2007

Girl Time or Tired Time?

So yesterday the boys got it... and... I was going to do the girls right now... but i just realized that's not going to work. I'm so incredibly tired that for me to form a cohernetnafejsdf thought would bewerdfasdfasdfeiwfa.

Er... yes. I'm tired.

But it's kinda nice - I have my desk back! It's quite a joy to me... My desk that I made with my dad many moons ago is now, once again, my desk. Of course, I think it was my sister who decided to paint it when it was her desk. Bleh. I love my unfinished wood :P

So I'm going to have to break out the torch and start bubbling some paint, whee!

I'm a little tired like I said... but I'll definitely be writing the girl side tomorrow.

Mmmmm, I look forward to it!

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