Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Congratulations on your adoption of a new Srilyk! (pronounced: sril-ick)

If you are female, there are things you should know about as you care for your new Sril.

First, a Srilyk is a loyal creature. If you take proper care of him, he will be devoted to you until the end of the earth.

A Srilyk needs love and devotion to be happy and healthy. He has to see that his comments and suggestions are taken seriously. If you don't agree with them, make sure your Srilyk knows this. If you cannot fault his feelings, but you feel a different way, let your Srilyk know as soon as possible. Do not ignore your Srilyk!

Your Srilyk needs clear boundaries - shifting boundaries do not work with Srilyk. He will quickly leave if he senses inconsistency.

Do not take yourself seriously. Srilyk probably doesn't - and he doesn't take himself too seriously. It's alright. Really, it is.

Please taunt Srilyk. But only when he does something taunt-worthy, and it has to be really funny. If it's not, your Srilyk may retreat.

Be up front and honest with Srilyk. He will have problems if you're not. Also try not to exaggerate, without the clause: "Well, that's not quite true..." or some similar notation.

Srilyk has a sensitive bull-o-meter. He has no cow, he needs no bull. If he senses you are offering him bull, he will quickly withdraw.

There are many other quirks to each individual Srilyk. Get to know your Srilyk - with proper care and maintenance, your Srilyk will last a lifetime.

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