Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Concerning My Friend

I know this girl... who thought I didn't know her...

I was fairly sure it was her, but I thought it was her once when it was not.

Perhaps once I thought it was her when it was. But I didn't want to know and still don't. If it was, all is forgiven - I do not hate her.

I think she worries about three other people, but she doesn't need to - at least when it comes to me.

To this person, you wrote:
I am following my dreams like you told me to do a year ago... I love him anyway and I am really happy being by his side

How can I be anything but happy for you? I want your happiness (just ask someone else I know - happiness is kinda a goal for me, and she gets jealous...) and if you're doing what makes you happy, then I can be happy.

I do not hate you - never. Things that perhaps you have done, perhaps.

But I'm still offering my friendship, but that's all, for though I am not currently able to persue my desire, my heart and my honor belong to another.

If you want to be friends, then friends we shall be. I have not ignored - merely followed advice or request.

If you truly want me to eliminate traces, let me know, but I might be too lazy.

And also enjoy life.
Your friend,



Anonymous the grim ripper :) said...

update blog...please? whats been going on with wayneypoo?

if you can't guess who this is, ill try calling you tonight.

11:06 AM  

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