Sunday, January 27, 2008

I See Dead People, pt. 2

My car.

A beat up Nissan Maxima that we purchased for $150 from my dad's agency. You do indeed get what you pay for, and I got what I paid for.

But with some minor repairs, it ran fairly well. Into the back seat went my load of weaponry and tools. I thought about it for a moment - where should I go first? My neighbor had some guns, but I didn't think they had any shotguns. And trust me, if it's zombies you're after, or more accurately, if zombies are after you, it's shotguns you want.

Looking around my neighborhood I saw no cars, or movement, which wasn't unusual, but for some reason it creeped me out at that moment. Maybe it was the fact that I just shoved a pipe through the face of some zombie. After a moment or two of indecision, I decided I would check my neighbors house. They had lived across the street from us for as long as we had lived in the house, and their son was a friend of mine, until he had died the year before in a car crash. Bastard. He still pisses me off about that. We had even talked about fighting zombies together and what we'd do if they came. It had been a bright sunny day, and randomly we heard the loudest thunderclap. We jumped about three feet in the air and ran inside. But now he's dead and can't help fight the zombies. Bastard.

Shaking myself back to reality, I looked at my neighbors house. It was a two story affair, in a color that could really only be described as "pumkin". Above the front stoop was a balcony that came out of the master bedroom - we had once used it to climb onto the roof. I hoped that wouldn't be needed today as I made my way up to the front porch. Slowly, crouched, with muscles tensed to spring, my pipe spear held in front of me, I climbed the stairs. As I made it to the top, the front door swung awkwardly by the top hinge, splinters and broken glass scattered everywhere. Son of a... I whispered to myself as I freed the sword I carried strapped to my back. How I wished for a sawed-off shotgun. I knew they kept a few guns here. That's why I came.

Listening carefully, sniffing the air, I slowly stepped inside, trying to avoid the worst of the glass. Crunch... Crunch.. Crunch... I couldn't avoid breaking some glass as stepped inside their house. In front of me was the hall that led to their laundry room and garage. To my right was the dining room and kitchen. To my left was the living room and the stairs to the second story where all the bedrooms were. As I paused, a faint scent entered my nose. It was one I had become intimately familiar with a few short moments ago. Rotting flesh. I inhaled gently, moving my head from side to side and realized as my stomach hit my shoes, that it was coming from my left. I quickly moved to the doorway and checked for movement. Nothing. Keeping the end of my pipe in front of me, I stepped into the room, quickly sweeping to the right, my pipe pointing up the stairs.

The stench was stronger.

The pipe would probably be useless to me up the stairs, unless I encountered something on the stairs or in the hallway. I leaned my pipe against the wall where I could grab it easily if I had to come down the stairs quickly, but not where I'd trip on it. Pulling my sword out I held it at an angle across my body. I didn't know how much pain these things felt, but hopefully I could slash and stab before they got me.

I moved up the stairs quickly but as quiet as I could. At the top of the stairs I paused to listen. Crunch... Crunch... Crunch... that sound was not broken glass. I quickly identified the sound as coming from Jessica's room. I wasn't sure if these zombies could hear, so quietly I turned the doorknob and pushed open the door. I almost puked.

There was blood everywhere.

And right in the middle of it was a rotting creature with long brown hair, gnawing on something red and curly about the size of a small dog. That's when I realized it was a small dog. Specifically, Mouse, their really annoying dog. The zombie looked up at me. Her eyes were glowing blue... and then she growled. It sounded like a dog about to attack. Then she did, scrambling on all fours. I don't really remember what happened, but the only explanation is this: I quickly crouched down and as she sprang at me I must have exploded upwards, driving the blade through her neck and out the base of her skull, my adrenaline plunging the sword into the ceiling. I don't remember the process, just blacking out for a moment, only to wake up with her growling and gurgling. Thankfully it wasn't someone I recognized. Her eyes still blazed with that eerie blue light, and she struggled to grab me.

For some reason that made me angry and I kicked her in the chest as hard as I could. Apparently the sword had severed most of her neck, because her body flew across the room, landing on a lamp. Her stomach popped like a tick, scattering that blue gel across the room. Looking up at the sword, the handle was still surprisingly clean. Then her head fell down.

This is my story, so I won't tell you that I was so startled I jumped, okay?

I kicked her head over towards her body, and reached up and grabbed the handle and tugged. And tugged. And then I jumped up and put all my weight on it. Son of a...! I terminated. I decided not to put too much effort into pulling it out, and instead quickly looked around the room as I pulled my belt knife. Well that's two down, how many to go? I heard some whimpering and looked down. There was Mouse, struggling to get to his feet. In disbelief I wondered, How did he even survive?

My question was answered when he looked up at me and I saw his glowing blue eyes. Before he could move, I brought my knife down through his neck, twisting sharply. His head popped off and those eyes faded. I wiped my blade off on the carpet and tried once more to dislodge my sword. No luck. Carefully I opened the door to the master bedroom, knife at the ready. Nothing moved. Quickly I dropped to the floor and checked under the bed. Nothing there either. Clearing the room and the bathroom took only a few moments. That was when I took the time to look at the gun cabinet. Three shotguns, an SKS rifle, and a large caliber bolt action and a .22 semiauto were the inhabitants. Quickly I checked the drawer for ammo. A great surprise was a Colt 1911 .45 with several boxes of ammo. I also found a few bricks of .22 shells, several boxes of shotgun and SKS shells, and a few other assorted amunition. I pulled out one of the simplest looking shotguns and the pistol.

The shotgun was a double barrel, the pistol a semi-automatic. I checked the actions to see that they both worked, loaded the shotgun and pistol, tucked the pistol into my belt, put all the guns and ammo on the bed, and picked up the shotgun. Stepping out into the hall again, I quickly checked the remaining rooms. They were all empty of anything moving, and anything particularly useful to me at the moment.

I moved back into the master bedroom and tried to lift all the guns and ammo, I realized it would take me at least two trips. More time, but I would probably need these. I grabbed all the guns with their various straps, and loaded them up. I decided to put everything near the front door so I wouldn't have come back all this way. I carefully made my way down the stairs, shotgun leading the way. I propped all the guns up outside the door and then made my way back for the ammo, keeping my shotgun with me. Then I stacked up the ammo. Then I realized there was probably canned food in the pantry, so I quickly piled up as much as I could reasonably move quickly. Cursing my stupidity, I realized I could have used the garage, and then I could have pulled my car in closer. Oh well, no matter. I quickly made my way back across the street to my car, on the alert for anything out of place. Everything looked fine, so I started my car and parked across the street, quickly loading my guns, ammo, and food into my car.

Again cursing my lack of thought, I quickly ran in side and grabbed all the blankets I could carry, and tossed them into the car, too.

Back in my car, I checked that my shotgun was safely stowed, and my pistol was readily available.

Shifting into drive, I thought Wal-Mart, here I come!

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Anonymous Geekheart said...

rofl!!!!!that made me smile...totally wasnt thinking walmart i was thinking underground lol...ok now u win u made me smile :P

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