Monday, January 19, 2009

Such Extreme, Primordial, Animalistic Anger

Pure rage. There are really few words that can describe my frustration and hatred of the US Government. So incredibly stupid that it incites such rage in me that is so very difficult to control. I can go off on the CANSPAM act which says you can spam, but the current source of my frustration is whatever... I don't know the words to describe the depths of idiocy they have fallen to. Perfect, utter stupidity does not come anywhere NEAR close.

I don't want, or care about having any stupid anti-phishing protection. The only thing it does is waste productivity. That's it. It provides zero extra security, and anyone who doesn't have their head shoved so far up their rectum they're chewing on their eyeballs would see that. I am so full of anger and rage because I can't log on to any of my online bank accounts because i have to provide some sort of magic 8 ball answer that - guess what - doesn't increase security! Just the stupid things I have to remember that I don't really care about or need!

Insanity! Pure, unadulterated, and idiotic!

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Blogger Sarah said...

I am just guessing, but I believe you may be angry.
I have issues with the bailout. I think that those companies who requested a bail out should be ignored. They put themselves in that position with bad management and decisions. As a republican, I agree with the ideology that we should allow capitalism to thrive for those who deserve it. Crashing and burning is inevitable. We shouldn't take care of everyone and that we should promote self-suffiancy. I have real problems with the government babying everyone.
However, in the past democrats have done very well during economic hardships. Take the Great Depression for example. Republican ideals and presidents helped spark it with no government regulation policies. They said business is booming. It took FDR to take office for us to finally begin the long hard journey to restoring the economy and people's faith in government and banks.
So I don't know what will happen next, but all we can do is pray and try to make smart choices. I hope Obama is granted the guidance by God to do what's right.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

And yes...their anti-phishing policies don't do crap.

10:02 AM  

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