Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An Ode To My Geekheart

Beautiful brown hair,
sometimes wavy, sometimes straight,
frames the most beautiful face in existence.

Big brown eyes,
deep pools of emotion,
shining with joy,
dark with anger,
burning with passion,
full with love.

Freckles, hair, and scars,
the skin made perfect, not as some "unspoiled" alabaster,
but perfect because of its reality.
Every callous like fine sandpaper,
every scar, from whatever reason,
each testify of her life, her strength,
her love for her children,
how she labors for others,
and gives of herself.

Her scent fills my nostrils,
clean from the shower,
thick vanilla of her perfume,
clean cucumber scent of another,
each one special, heady,
fills all of me with thoughts of her,

As I watch her serve others, her children, her friends,
those she encounters, my heart fills with love.

When I'm not around her, my soul feels half empty,
like my best part is gone.
But when I'm around her, my heart fills with love,
there is joy in my soul, and a smile on my face.
The world is peaceful, there is heaven on earth.

For my Geekheart,
Happy Birthday!

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