Thursday, January 08, 2004

Lol, this is great. If you get a chance, listen to a band called InsideOut, they're an a capella band. Appearantly you can get the CD here. The CD Experience is the one I'm listening to right now. It's really funny.

Also I'm making some beef jerky, yum!

Earlier I was trying to get wine to work on my computer... well it works... but not for some of the things that I want, bleh :-p oh well.

I may have to find another job, because at Hobby Lobby my boss isn't exactly... helpful, when it comes to trying to work my schedule around the play... grrr >:O

it wouldn't be that bad if I was a jerk about it... but I was trying to work /something/ out. *sigh* oh well... :-P

I'm gonna finish getting ready before I have to go to play practice tonight, so I'll catch ya on the flip side!


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