Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Okay, not sure what I last posted about... but I'll fill you in on some stuff.

First off, Kate got herself a blog here. Which means now I can finally keep up with her life when she's too busy to talk to me. *cough*.

Next up, I /love/ guitar scales... I try to practice them at least a bit, at least once a day. And I'm going to have more time soon, because I'm going to be finishing the play Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat this weekend. It ends Sunday, whichever night that is. A few of the cast members (I think a girl & her dad, a dancer & a Narrator) lost a member of their family yesterday, I belive :-\ Sadness. I'm not particularly close to either of them, but they seem to be handling it pretty well. Hopefully I'll find out more about 'em.

And I bet the cast party is going to be fun too.

Heh... at work today (Hobby Lobby) it was /really/ funny. Robyn (another framer, who's also LDS) came in about when I was leaving and said "Aaaugh! What's with all these girls? They don't even work back here and they're asking me 'What's his stats? Would he date me?'" lol. It was pretty funny.

Personally I just wish they'd ask me themselves or something. Oh well, lol.

hmm... lessee... oh yeah, Getting my mission papers filled out. Target date is sometime in June. We've got a funding plan, I just need to go on splits with the Missionaries a bit more often. Hopefully I won't be working tuesday night the week of the 22, because then I can go on splits with 'em, which will be pretty nice.

I haven't talked to Rachelle much lately, I've been /way/ busy with the play and work & haven't been home. I think I'm going to try calling her tomorrow.

The... 7th i think? was that a saturday? I don't know. Anyways, some saturday I went ice skating with one of my friends, Sarah, for her birthday. I would have skated with more but most of them left :( silly folks with bedtimes or something. It was Sarah S., Jeff C., and Jason J. who were there left when I got there. I was hoping Leslie would be there, but she wasn't. Oh well.

And Lena went back to Germany *sniff*. I daresay I didn't spend anywhere /near/ enough time with her. Really not that much at all. And I regret that. I wonder if she has e-mail/IM at her home in Germany. I'm going to have to find out from Leslie if she does.

hm... well, I can't think of anything else I really need to fill you in on... Ooh. Bro. Kecherik (sp?) from our ward was driving home from work and thought he was having a heart attack so he's in the hospital & my mater is helpin with their kids. And he's fairly young too, like in his 30s-40s? Crazy.

Man, I'm turning 20 this year! :-o Oldness!! :'(

Oh well. Hm... and I'm thirsty too. but I don't think I'm going to get any water, I'm just gonna go to bathroom & bed. G'night, catch ya on the flip side


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