Sunday, June 13, 2004

Yeah, Jessie hasn't written anything lately. She might be dead. And that would be sad.

And I haven't talked to TG in a while either. And that's sad too.

I just saw the movie "What Women Want", it was a pretty good movie. I reccomend it. There were some nudie scenes (oh my) so... yeah, whatever.

Today was Stake Conference, and that was good. I got to see some of my friends. I sortof met Sarah Palmers fiancee. Hehe... that's really funny to me. Ah well, I'm glad she's getting married. Mark off one girl from the eligible pool. If they keep it up, I won't even get married... they'll all just marry themselves off.

Yeah, so I'm probably selfish, oh well. I'll get over myself.

Robyn and I went hikking the hill today (Pinnacle Mountain... it's a hill), and that was fun. Then she dropped me off at my house, I got cleaned up and we went to my sister's (Christy) Patriarchal Blessing, and that was cool too.

Well, more later, later - wayne


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