Thursday, June 10, 2004

Okay, work kinda was okay. It was only Jennifer and Me till 3PM, then Jennifer went home... it was me till 5... then Paul came in, even though he wasn't scheduled (I was only scheduled till 5, but I worked anyways), then Robyn and Shabby came in at 6 so I went to go harrass Logan... but she totally forgot, appearantly, so I came home. Claire barked at me. Then I left and went to my house. (Yes, I'm aware I grammatically raped those last sentences [hah, now Pamela can't read my blog, lol]). Yeah, well anyways. So I got home. Played a little guitar. Then we (Dad, Me, Rebecca, Christy, and Timothy) went to eat at Mi Burrito. It's not bad. I still prefer Lolita's and Cancun's. Tomorrow is band practice at Jake's, w00t! Also, I may go play on the hill (Pinnacle Mountain, but it's really a hill, according to my 7th grade social studies book.) with Robyn, and maybe in the rain, depending on whether or not it rains.

Anyways, so after we got back, I kept trying to get Java working on my computer. Well.. it /works/ but ldschat didn't work. Of course, I really prefer that people would chat at LDSirc because they have IRC access... ah well. Whatever. I'm drinking water, and talking to people right now. Tomorrow before I go to band practice I'm supposed to clean the carport out :-p




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