Thursday, June 10, 2004

Yes I do write... I find it's a much more healthy release. I didn't used to... but there was a girl who changed that... Her name was Kate. I decided to try and write something for her. And she liked it (or at least said she did) and now I like to write. Poems mostly.

You know, people find release in different ways. And most of the people _I_ like find that release by cutting themselves. That's not something I understand very well. Maybe it's because I'm a chicken... I don't know.

Life has knocked me down
thrown me to the ground

my emotions are running wild
I try to hold on, stay sane
but I feel just like a child

I can't control these urges
I fight to keep them in cages

My release hurts those I love
My pain I put in others hearts

But I can't stand it
So I do it

I'm sorry
so sorry.

-Wayne Werner

If that means something to you, please, keep it and read it.

On another note... Not really, Jessie. The first lines were the significant ones.



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