Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Yes, I'm feeling better jessie, thank you. I'm not fully well... it's like... hovering in the back of my head, like waiting for a psycho customer or me to fall on my head or something. :-p

Yeah, I woke up a lot through the night... I kinda fell asleep with TG on the phone. Heh. I'm not sure if she stayed on or just hung up. Just in case I said goodnight before I woke up. I fell asleep because I had a massive headache and couldn't really think of something to talk about. Well, I could have, but it would've hurt, and I just wanted to sleep. Because sleep is good.

Btw, yes 7253 is the number. Signing was just a random occurance. I don't know. lol. Haha... man, Laken almost writes as much as j does ;) Oh, and Jessie, tell her that only _I_ can be psyc0, but it's ok if she's psycho, lol.

Hmm.. not much going on... I'll debate on whether or not I want to hang around in WLR until like 8 or something. Because if I do then I'll stay there and hang out with my friends who have this book club. Missy & Logan. I like them quite a bit... but right now I have to go potty, shower, then eat breakfast and go to work... so I don't think I"m going to talk to you (Jessie) much.

Now, I'm going... I was going to say I'll probably talk to you tonight, but you won't get off till late... so I might not. You don't have voicemail, do you?



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