Saturday, June 05, 2004

Okay, so Jessie doesn't mind if I link to her blog. I got home from work just a few ago. I tried calling TG, but she wasn't home, then I proceeded through my list of numbers I have (including Jessie) but none were home, sadly. Or answering their phone, whichever. I just read Jessie's short but... sweet? blog post, lol. I have my guitar in my lap and an emptiness in my heart (because I want to talk to people, but no one is here). I'm sure I could go over and hoodlumize Chance's house again, but I'd probably end up staying till like... 5 AM.. and I want to be here for TG's call, assuming she does. :-P

I'm thirsty a bit... and hungry a bit too. But I don't have any food or drink here so I"ll starve. Actually I'll probably go down and get me some ice cream & water in a while. Work wasn't bad today... next week will be awesome... I'll only close on friday 1-9, the other 4 days I work I'll be off by 5 I believe every day. And that rocks. I don't know what Robyn is doing friday, other than work, but if possible I want to go hang out with her (Like climb Pinnacle Mountain, and then go to Cancun's Mexican Restaurant, since she owes me ;) :-D ).

Well, now I'm playing my guitar... and talking to Jake, so somethin interesting may happen. Goodnight (for now) and I'm out - W


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