Sunday, January 28, 2007

So cool things and one thing that isn't REALLY cool, but it's not horrid either.

Good - Friday's goodness and happy stuff spilled over into today (as Saturday), so that was really good. I was pretty much good the whole day. But we had to take off the heater core in my car. That sucked because now my car isn't going to be running, and I have to wait for Monday evening before I can put it back on. But I did get paid, so that was cool.

Also I cleaned off my bed. For the past... 3 weeks? I've had stuff all on my bed. And I finally cleaned it off. You really have no idea, so just trust me that it's really awesome.

I think I'm going to shave today. Not everything of course, but it's getting scraggly so it's about time that I can leave what I want and people will be able to tell, and it won't just look like I did a bad job shaving.

Also I got a picture from a family I met on my mission. And they're a really cool family. So I get to write/e-mail them. That was exciting!

And I'm planning on making a certain someone a CD. Some songs that she wanted, and the rest, songs I really think are cool. Though an mp3 CD would be easier because then I can put like... 300 songs on a cd or something.

I also need to d/l cdex and rip my cds onto my computer!

And I need to brush my teeth. My mouth feels funny.



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