Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I had an extra-long cheese coney w/mustard and onions from Sonic last night. I failed to be impressed, and I should've just stuck with the strawberry milk-shake. Oh well.

It re-appeared this morning in more ways than one. The first was another weird dream, but I'm not going to tell you that yet. The second was my mouth tasted like onions... old onions. And mustard. Yum! (or not)

The dream was rather peculiar... I don't entirelyremember the first bit, only that we were trying to get through this intersection, but each one we went to, they kept on closing off. Jerks. And who "they" were, I'm not sure, but I think they were some highway department type people. Well, somehow we got to this persons house, I'm not sure exactly who's house it was, either. But it had something to do with there was a porch, something something.

Well, for some reason we had to get rid of this massive revolver, so we... broke the hammer. It was probably a lot easier in my dream than real life. It snapped with little effort, as well as some other destruction to the handle of this gun. It was probably a .50 Magnum (think Raising Arizona). Well anyway, this old guy had driven us and was supposed to be headed home. Well I guess it was supposedly dangerous around there, and I said something like "Man I wish we had waited to break this in case someone tried anything, I could pick them off." We were up on the porch, about 6' higher than this guy, and oh, bout 100' away - across the road & a bit. Well, for some reason we don't go inside the house, but we do watch the guy drive away safely, and then somehow we're on the other side of the house. See, we started on the south side of the house, then we were around the northwest of the house. Well some shifty looking character came around the SW corner of the house.

Some comments ensued about this guy being some type of cocaine addict, and this guy at first tried to get in the house, then to run and we herded him around the south part of the house to the east side of the house. Somehow there were comments and what-not, the guy wasn't(?) a druggie, and we were just stereotyping... and then I'm trying to be more forgiving and understanding but he really was(?)... it was all very confusing.

A lot like where the "coney" of my chili cheese coney was.

There wasn't much of a hot dog on there.

Well... third time it's shown up, and I have to go.



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