Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do I really write too much? If so, that would be a sad thing.

I write what's on my mind, so it has a place to go. Because when it's inside my mind, it bounces around, getting into all sorts of trouble... like the "miss me" comment.

I don't ever claim that what goes on in my mind is 1) sane, 2) safe, 3) clean, 4) intelligent, or anything else pleasant, generic, or inoffensive.

Mostly the things that go on are really REALLY weird. Some things I do edit a little, or a lot (like some of my dreams... dude, I'm not even going to GO there! Maybe if I had someone I trusted 100% totally and completely and was accepting, yadda yadda...) but for the most part you get the raw, juicy details.

In other news, I read part 4, the conclusion of the poem... and I have to say that's so sad. Of course, one doubts any but three people have access/really read that poem/know who it is/is about... but hey.

That kinda reminds me of something... I guess. It's related... but I used to be so concerned about wanting someone and needing someone, and having them want/need me back. It would still be nice... but I really don't think about it as much anymore. I just do my thing.

I'm sure someday it'll happen. Maybe it's someone I've never met... maybe it's someone I know right now... I really don't know. I mean in the people I know I see the ability... not so much the probability, mainly because I think I probably want too much. But heck, maybe there's a girl who wants the challenge, and they think I'll be fun enough or worth it somehow.

But it's time for me to go see the 5 Browns! w00t!

ttyl - Wayne


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