Monday, February 19, 2007

So I had some screwy dreams last night.

One was mostly off topic, the other one was kinda a continuation of a really weird dream.

I've been having these dreams where I'm somewhere else - Idaho or somewhere west, and I'm supposed to be getting home, but I can't. Like I was supposed to be flying... and I guess I missed my plane or something. Anyway, I'm supposed to be getting home, but I'm not, and there's this highway system - the MOHELA highway system, and I just haven't gone on it yet.

And the current mainly off-topic dream was I was at this cruise/hotel thing, there was a buffet... and there were some people I knew, although I can't remember who they were. They were either someone from school (I don't think so), Church (maybe), or YPT. Anyway, quickly it cut from that scene to the pool, where I was swimming with a girl who is now married and never wants to talk to me again. It would be inappropriate, since we used to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and I was kinda manipulative. (Her words, not mine).

Yeah, it was sad, it still is sad... and there's still nothing that I can or feel I should do about it. But it's still stupid to me.

Oh well. I hope she has a nice life and a happy one with her beau, and none of the problems that her parents have are repeated by her.

Well anyways, it was a pretty weird dream. It involved underwater acrobatics. That this girl and I did. Nothing spectacular, just doing that flip thing, where you try and do a front flip in the water. That was it, nothing more, nothing less. And randomly some of the kids from the Charter school were there... it was all a weird dream.

Basically if you take everything that's happened to me in the past 2.5 years, condense it to 30 minutes in a random sort of way, cut 5 minutes out and play it, that's what you would get.

My mind is weird.

Did I ever tell you how I figured out I could dream? I really don't ever dream and remember it but I can almost 100% guarantee... if I wake up and have to go pee, and just go back to sleep instead of go to the bathroom, I'll dream.

Weird, huh?



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