Sunday, February 18, 2007

So... I'm still sick.

But my friends did update their blogs, so that's darn cool. Hooray ^_^ that brings an extra spot of sunshine into my day.

Sooo, my throat is still sore, and that's sad.

One of my friends (and her friend?) were playing in M$Paint and made... an... interesting pic from my myspace pic.

I might post it sometime.

in other news - I have my 2nd in-class writing assignment for Dr. Taylors class on Wed/Fri. I'm kinda looking forward to that.

I'm gettin to be pretty tired... I blame it on my sickness.

But we've got church today, so I'm excited for that.

Mostly I'm rambling...

I read part 3 of a poem that one friend wrote about a guy she knows...

I remember those days, when I was around that age, and "in like". Hopeful and fantasizing that something wonderful would happen, and she'd magically fall in love with me and we'd live happily ever after. So far that hasn't happened. I don't really know if I can say what's best to do... probably, if I could go back now, I'd tell them I thought they were cool, and ask for their phone number. But I'm not entirely sure, because, sometimes... I'm a jerk. Plain & simple. I'd rather spend time doing "me" things - things that I like - than doing things other people do. Not all the time, but sometimes. Specifically any time that what they're doing is not enjoyed by me at all.

Random note, I did have fun playing Go on Thursday with a couple of kids in class. It's a rather fun game... I really want my own Go set.

First thing I want though is a compressor for my airbrush, so I can learn HOW to airbrush - some techniques & all that.

Because that's something I can make money with. So I'm trying to focus some hobbies on things I can sell.

So if anyone is thinking of getting me a nice or combine w/someone else to get me a b-day present in august, or an anytime present (assuming I don't pick one up on my own, first) - either this or this would be a good choice.

That would pretty much rock my socks off, and after learning to airbrush some, I would most definitely airbrush something coolness for whoever got it for me.

Well... that's about it for now... hope everyone is doing well.

ttyl - Wayne


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