Monday, April 09, 2007

Bad dreams...

So I had a couple of weird dreams last night. In one, I was late for math class, and someone else was teaching it, and I ended out taking my laptop apart and it all sucked...

I also had some weird dream where my like... 40 year old wife, I found out she had actually killed my girlfriend, so I married her, then I found out that she had done that, so then she wants to kill me... and somehow, I'm all nearly knocked out and laying on the ground, dying, or something, and she comes up to me, about to deliver the fatal blow - and like on all movies, she's talking to me, giving me some chance to recover. And of course, I have a knife on me, which I slipped into my hand... and as she bends over to talk to me, I roll over and shove it right into her stomach. Since it's a throwing knife, it's long enough, and there aren't really any hangups, that I push it all 6 or 8 inches into her. And somehow around then it turned into my brother's girlfriend.

That was the bad part.

Anyhoo... weird dreams.


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