Friday, April 20, 2007

Drying Technique...

So, just because I'm allowed to be random, I'm going to share a technique for drying yourself off, after a shower. (or bath, or swimming... whatever).

I came across this when someone (probably a sibling) (probably) used my towel before me. In any case, it was rather damp, and I doubted I would be able to get that much water off of my person.

So what you do, is once you've turned off the shower, rather than stepping out you just use your hands, for all practical purposes, like a squeegee. Kinda like you're dusting yourself off. I briskly "dust" my arms, torso, and legs. This actually removes most of the water. Then you just towel off like normal. The other benefit of this is if you're the kind of person who leaves... puddles, this will take care of that, pretty much. Also, toweling off in the tub basically removes the puddles.

Well, that's really it for today. I really need to do a lot of reading/study/blah/blah stuff. So, have fun.


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