Friday, April 20, 2007

Something by someone

I saw you today,
with a look in your eye.
What is that look?
It's hard,
like a diamond.
It's sharp,
like a winter's wind, cutting into my heart.

Why did you look at me that way?
What have I done,
to make you feel like that?
Is it my fault?

Did I do something to you?
Was I not kind enough?
Not good enough?
Have I not been patient?

Why do you look at me so?
Why do you kill me with your eyes?
Or the love I had for you...
that you cut out,
with your glare,
and left bleeding there.

Is that your answer?
Is that what you wanted?
The death of my love?
So you can be alone,
and feel justified,
for your sadness?

Or do I misunderstand?
Is it even me?
Is it even you?
Or was it the circumstance
in which we met?

Or do you lock your heart?
To keep from complicating things?
Do you think you must wait?
Was it who I was with?
Was it a sadness,
turned to coldness,
and hardness,
to keep you from breaking again?

Was it a fear of uncertainty,
about the future,
and your heart?

I saw you today,
with a look in your eyes,
that filled me with questions,

and left me with pain.


Anonymous Jessie said...

Something beautiful mixed between so many tears. Don't ask me to explain....btw, I just checked my phone and lol you are such a cute retard.

9:21 PM  

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