Monday, April 30, 2007


Admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion.

Tonight's post is about someone specific (though I'm not sure if she'll actually read this). I'm not going to tell you who, or even that it's not about you, because really it doesn't matter.

If you think this is about you, then it's a good sign you should fix something.

I found out that I wasn't properly informed when you asked me. That doesn't do good things for my trust of your gender. So please realize that! Your actions reflect not only on yourself, but on all girls. Especially when you are one that's telling me "Oh, there's a girl for you!"

When you try to excuse your actions by not giving your friends the whole picture... guess what? That's dishonesty. It's one thing to come up with a completely "hypothetical" situation, that by some random "coincidence" happens to be exactly like yours.

But do you really think that what you're doing is right and good? I'm pretty sure you know better! So why are you acting like you don't? Or rather...

Why are you compromising your integrity?

I was suspicious, earlier. You just glossed over a question, and I had my doubts and concerns. Then I confirmed them, and I know that you already knew how I would feel about it. The way you told me, hoping I wouldn't pay close attention to what you said.

But I did.

And to make sure you know, I'm telling you now, unequivocally, I completely disapprove of your actions. I know at least one of your friends would, too. Probably more.

Honestly, when I confirmed my doubts... I was angry at your actions. I still am. Why am I angry? Because I know you're smarter than that! My goodness woman! I cannot and will not believe for one second that you actually think that it's a good idea!

I'm hurt as well. Because I care about you. But you are not the example that you should be.

I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm not saying I don't do dumb things. Trust me, I do plenty of those. But my shortcomings, and my problems are mine. If you have a problem with them, if you disprove of my actions, by all means, please tell me!

But I beg of you - right yourself.



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