Friday, April 27, 2007


So I went with the 'rents and timmeh to the APCS performance of "And then there were none", an Agatha Christie play. It was rather good.

I was combing my hair (really scratching my head) with my plastic fork because it felt sooo goood...

and one of the kids I subbed for asked why I was doing that...

well because that's what you do with a dinglehopper!

On another note, (or the same one? hmmm) someone asked me the other day, "Well what IS the perfect girl?" or something to that effect...

and before I get on with it, just letting you know - I'm having a smallish garage sale tomorrow morning. Eeeh ho lay (or however it's spelled...).

So, back to the story... or what makes a girl wonderful... or what I need/want in a girl.

Well, these are in no particular order, other than the order I think about them - not necessarily any more or less important than any other reasons.

A belief in God is rather important to me. Also, she needs to have a beautiful smile. She needs to know that she is beautiful. She may not think she is, but she has to know that I know she is, and more importantly, not complain to me that "Oh, I'm so ."

I want someone that if she wants something, she'll ask, instead of playing games.
I want someone who loves life, loves outdoors, and loves guns and knives.

I want a girl who knows what it's like to fall asleep at the computer. I want a girl that's healthy. I want a girl who loves music and (by way of explanation, I fell asleep, woke up, had a garage sale, and now it's 9PM again...) can at least play one instrument, and wants to learn more.

I want a girl who has the singularly unique quality (in women) to be able to treat something as though it never happened. To illustrate... if someone wrongs me, say... a girl betrays my trust, but then she apologizes and changes her behaviour... it never happened. And I'm fully capable of treating her that way... and I'd like the same.

I want a girl who will NOT bring up any past argument, mistake, blah blah blah. If there's a problem, it has to be dealt with in the present. Once there is another problem, the first one is null and void - sort of like double jeopardy (see the US constitution)...

well that's a few things to chew on for now.

I made $30 at my garage sale. w00t.

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