Sunday, May 27, 2007

YSA, Cont'd

So yesterday, like I said - I went to Memphis for a YSA - Young Single Adult - activity. There were 5 Stakes there. For those of you unfamiliar with those - YSA is an organization for single adults, age 18-30. Stakes are organizations within the LDS church that are comprised of several congregations or wards.

So anyways.

We got there around 2 o'clock to the building near the Memphis Temple. They sent us out to do some service, two groups, one went to a park, and we went to the community center. We picked up some trash around the community center for an hour or two, and then we went to the park and helped them finish up and then we played some games. We had a water balloon toss, then we played this interesting game... it was a three legged balloon stomp. Basically you had two people and tied them together - three legged style - and tied balloons to their outside legs. The first round, this girl Sam and I won (kept both our balloons). The second round we pretty much lost. It was sad. Well the next game was a water balloon volleyball-esqe game, but we were playing on a tennis court. We lost our first game then won the second. After that we split up for Ultimate Frisbee or Kickball. I chose Frisbee, and it was pretty fun. After a while we got tired and then we had dinner (hot dogs & hamburgers).

While I was "letting my food digest" I played some football catch with a couple of guys... most footballs I kinda suck at throwing. But I did OK and had a bit of fun but it sure wore me out. And then for some reason, a lot of people decided they wanted some more Ultimate and I actually played too. It was pretty fun, and I even played really hard. I got about three or four of our touchdowns, and then on one they launched a cherry bomb (one from say, half the field. Known in football as a Hail Mary play.) and I booked it. I hear some vague comments about fence, and I launch myself in the air for the Frisbee, and as my hands wrapped around it, my toes (I was barefoot) went through the chain-links. And then my gut hit the top of the fence. But I held on the Frisbee and got the point. I pretty much decided I won at life right then, which was pretty much true. Well we kept playing some anyways...

and then we came home, it was late, I was tired, and I went to bed. I took a nap today, but I don't think it was quite long enough to finish whatever stage of sleep I was in, so I'm also really tired right now. Buuuut, eventually I'll get to go to sleep.

I'm not actually at Riverfest right now, but we're at my dad's office building across the street from the Dickey-Stephens ball-park, and the fireworks should be starting here in about 20 minutes. Jooooy. Sort of. I mean I like fireworks, but I'm also really tired.

So I realized the other day, as I was at the YSA deal... I looked around and saw all these girls, they were really pretty and beautiful and what-not... but I wasn't attracted to them. I think it used to be that I'd really feel attracted to them, but nowadays... I just didn't feel anything.

I don't know, I guess I kinda feel like lyrics in a song by Meatloaf... "I want you, I need you, but baby, I ain't ever gonna love you, but don't be sad, cause two out of three ain't bad."

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