Friday, May 25, 2007

So apparently...

Because I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 last night, I suck.

Which is pretty much awesome, because it was a really good movie. Definitely not as silly as Spiderman 3. Which is interesting because my sis-in law had some good things to say about Spiderman, but she wasn't a huge fan of the Pirates movies (she hasn't seen 2, and it took her a while to enjoy the first one).

I don't mind saying that really weirds me out - because dude, pirates rock! Yarrr!

Speaking of how much pirates rock - I think it would be totally awesome to get a songbook or something of pirate shanties! So if any of you are ever in a gift-giving mood, or thinking that you want to buy me a birthday present (August 26th is coming!), if you could find something to that tune... I would probably love you more than forever.

On another note...

Airbrushing is COOL!

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Blogger brandie pingel said...

as in suck-fest...meaning you? cuz that does suck that you got to see such an awesome movie and i didn't. and what makes it a suckfest? you and my brother, and another one of my good friends! you all suck!
and spidey 3?? not that good? man. critic!
so anyways...airbrushing is cool...and you are good at it!
keep up the good work dear!


12:35 PM  

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