Sunday, September 02, 2007


There's some song about that, isn't there? I probably have it, I'm sure.

Mostly because I love music. And I also love some womens... but I get jealous, it's kinda sad I guess? I don't know. Maybe I can blame it on biologics.


How it works - I meet a girl and begin to develop affection for her... and then I'm jealous of pretty much everyone else. I mean I don't do anything with it, usually. Though sometimes I feel pretty hurt...

But I want to be her ONLY object of affection. I realize this is both silly and stupid, because that would just be 1) horrible and 2) I don't want her to be my only object, usually. And in most cases she isn't...

Know what's really silly? I even get jealous of dreams. For instance, a friend of mine had a dream about being in an elevator with some guy who kissed her. Aaaand I got jealous. Is that sad a pathetic or what?

Or do you get jealous, too?

p.s. Being jealous does not mean I don't want to hear about that kinda stuff - I would much rather know and have to put down the feelings of jealousy, when it's easier because I know you're sharing something with me, than wait until I find out through the grapevine and then I can't trust you. So yeah.

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Anonymous Olive said...

lol. How do you know that the guy in the elevator wasn't you or at least looked like you, hum?


4:21 PM  

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