Saturday, February 14, 2004

COolness... it's snowing! It doesn't look like it's sticking much on the roadways... but if it gets cold tonight, it may really stick.

Night 3/4 for "Joseph..." is tonight! almost done! woohoo!

My sister let me long-term borrow her mini-casette recorder, which rocks, because now I can record me playing chord progressions & stuff so that my friends can hear 'em and I don't have to lug huge things around. Trés cool.

also, yesterday I made a sling, so I've been taking to slinging stones... it's pretty darn fun ;) :-D

well, I'm off to do something or another... probably work on a php deal I've been working on. It will show you which notes are in a major/minor key, then the chromatic scale for that note as well.
S'fun stuff. Anyhoo, I gotta leave, so I'll have to jet, catch ya on the flip side


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