Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Yay! I'm back home from work. Which is great. Heh. After we closed I called Logan's to see if she was at home or at her book club, and she was at her book club. So I go to Barnes & Noble, but she had left already, and that was sad. But Missy was still there so I hung with her & Sharon. I had a Jones soda too. It was yummy. So after that I came home. Then I read J's blog (when she reads this, she can let me know if she wants me to link her blog or not). Yep, I do remember the GBFS, heh. I kinda remember the Dragon Ring... I remember a lot of ketchup, lol. Yeah... I actually thought I had done something to offend Jessie, I think... I don't really remember those thoughts. Heh... it was always funny, (not in a humourous way) she never really seemed to believe I was really that nice and forgiving. Even when she lied and did all sorts of crazy stupid stuff... I was always ready to welcome her back. That's the way I've been with every girl in my past... but she's the only one who really ever came back. Sad, really. I could have had such great friends. It seems stupidity is the order of the day, sadly. OW! Man.. word of advice. Don't set an ice cream bowl on the jugular vein in your leg. It hurts like crazy! Too cold!

well... with that abrupt ending, I think it's time to put a close on /this/ little blog. -W


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