Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brrr! It's cold after a shower! But now I'm fresh & clean so that's a good thing.

Yesterday I was told that I look like I'm 35 years old... I have a pretty humorous anecdote along that line...

One summer Chance and I had season passes to Wild River Country. While we were there we met these fairly attractive girls. I was 15 and Chance was 14. We were talking to them and they asked "How old do you think we are?" I think I said 18 or something... I can't remember what Chance said. They laughed and said, "We're 20". Oooh. Right. Well they asked how old WE were, and so of course we had them guess. I forget how old they guessed chance was, but me? I was "at least 25". We looked at each other and BURST out laughing! "No way!" we told them. But they didn't believe us, so I showed her my learners permit, name, age, face... the whole bit. And sure enough I was 15. Oh man it was funny.

Chance kept in contact with them for a while...

ahh, those were the good ol' days.

If you're ever in for a good grossing out, remind me to tell you about when I went from the wave pool to the driftin' river... heh. Hehe... yeah...

-Little ol' moi


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