Monday, February 05, 2007

Well, today was pretty good. I got my math test back, I got I think an 89%

That's pretty dang good for me and a math class.

So tomorrow if I'm not working I have plenty of homework to keep me busy. Several things to read, and a few things to do.


life. Keeps on moving.

And I'm poor.

and in debt.

I realized the other day I'm actually worth more dead than alive. Seriously.

I have X amount of money in the bank where X is a nonzero positive real number, and I have taken out a student loan in the amount of XY, where Y is another positive real number that is greater than X. So technically I owe XY. Well, if I were to die, XY would be completely forgiven, so X is what I would leave, thereby, I am worth more dead than alive.

Weird, huh?

well I have a few things to do before I zonk out... so yeah...



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